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For anyone else who is like me ( Hispanic Catholic Women) marrying a man of Muslim faith, try not stress it out. At the end of the day it is about the two of you. I am having an outdoor ceremony, more american style to keep it neutral. Cocktail hour I am dedicating it to his culture having a meditterenean style appetizers and hookahs to spice it up a bit. The reception we kept neutral as well and went with a Demask black and white theme. To incorporate both culture's we hired a belly dancer and a mariachi band as entertainment through out differnt parts of the evening. As for alcohol, we kept it to beer and wine only since most of his family lives overseas it won't be a big deal to the few that are attending. My best advice is that this is your day and that despite your religious differences if you have made it this far and are committed to each other, have your DREAM wedding in which you both agree and will enjoy for yourselve's. Hope this helps for anyone that might be slightly stressed on an interfaith marriage.

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    It's great that you were able to combine the aspects of your faiths that are important to you!

    One thing to remember, for any Catholics that might be reading this, if you are a Catholic and you are not married within the walls of a Catholic Church, in a Catholic ceremony, there are harsh consequences. Your marriage will not be a Catholic marriage, and you will therefore not be able to receive communion at mass, or any other sacrament. It is a very big deal.

    You can take the words and structure of Catholic ceremony and use them, but unless the ceremony is performed by a Catholic priest in good standing, within the walls of the Church, it is NOT a Catholic marriage. There are very few instances where a dispensation from form are given.

    So, if you desire to remain in good standing with the Church, want to continue to practice the faith, and want to be able to receive sacraments such as communion, it is best to speak to your priest and follow the Church's rules.
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