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Christian faith with Hindu culture

My fiance was born and raised a Christian and I was born in a Hindu family and became a Christian some years ago. We decided to have a Christian ceremony and reception in his hometown and a hindu cermony and reception in my hometown, a month later. 

Does anyone have any tips on how we can participate in a Hindu wedding ceremony without it going against our Christian faith? Is it somehow possible to extract the culture and heritage in such a ceremony without the explicit Hindu religious references and actions? It means a great deal to my family to have me married in a traditional Hindu ceremony so I am trying to accomodate as much as I can without any part of the ceremony going against our beliefs as Christians. 

Re: Christian faith with Hindu culture

  • You can't, really.  Christianity is very limiting and strict that you shouldn't worship in other ways, and as you know, the foundation of a Hindu wedding is worship.  In fact, the bride is actually worshipped as Maha Lakshmi during the ceremony.  Hindu beliefs is that by performing these rites,  you are actually worshiping.  So, technically, no, you can't do both, but who can blame you for wanting to make your family happy?
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