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Russian Jewish... Irish Catholic...

So we thought we had this all figured out my Fiance came to the US when he was 15, and they are jewish (not practicing, but proud),  My family is Irish Catholic and pretty active in the Church.   We thought we had this all figured out and would have it at the Old Court House Downtown with the reception more Russian (it was hard to find a caterrer to do meals through out the night, dancing ect but we found one) and do a ceremony at the same site but it reflect more my family with Catholic tradition (I don't want to go to a Temple and he doesn't want to go to a Catholic Church... but is fine with the ceremony being religios).   Well... I guess I should have known this but I didn't realize that is it not really acceptable to have a wedding outside the church in the Catholic religion.   Does anyone know of any way around?  Or have any suggestions on how we could make this work?  

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    A priest can get a dispensation from the bishop to get permission for you to have the ceremony somewhere other than the church, and to marry a non-Catholic.  My fiance and I are doing this, and we are having a Catholic priest and a rabbi co-officiate at a neutral venue.  Try talking with your priest to see if he is willing to get the dispensations and willing to officiate your ceremony.  If he isn't, maybe try to find a priest who will, because it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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