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counseling or books - hindu or non-denominational

I'm interested in pre-enagement counseling but everything I'm seeing from quick searches are either for Christians or save-your-marriage type of couples counseling.  We have been talking seriously about marriage for 6 months now but we are not enaged yet, though I know its comming soon.  I want to help both of us feel comforable that marriage is the right decision for us.  Any suggestions on where to find someone? (specifical in greater Philly or greater NYC)
Also any good non-christian books would be helpful too.  The christinan books always ask "have you both accepted jesus" or "have you both asked god."  This is not applicable as neither of us is religous or christian.  He was raised hindu and I was raised in a non-denominatinoal family that celebrates Christmas and Easter only, but we are both agnostic. 
I'm also interested in any personal advice or books about cross-cultural unions.

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