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Fiances mom gave me a whole big lecture on Facebook maturity level none about how me being Catholic is wrong and how I'm going to hell. She's non denominational and forces her beliefs on all. My fiance is thinking about becoming Catholic and said he doesn't want her at the wedding since she made me feel bad. What do I do?

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    You have to let your fiance stand up to his mother. You two are adults and are making your own decisions. He has to communicate to her that her behavior is not acceptable and she needs to respect him and you.

    I would limit the amount of wedding talk in her presence (even on FB) so that you can avoid tense exchanges.

    If she says anything directly to you, you should ignore it completely or simply say "I'm sorry you feel that way. I respect that you have your beliefs and I would never ask you to change them for me. I hope you can show me the same respect in return."

    Don't give her any more fodder. If she starts to escalate things, let your FI handle it. It is his mother and he needs to set the ground rules now or she will think that she can continue to behave this way forever.
  • Thanks...easier said than done....can't deal with her putting me down like that....I defend myself but it makes no difference with her
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