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Quiet Christian Marrying a Staunch Atheist

My fiance is religious about his atheism. I'm the opposite with my religion. It leads to arguments where I throw my hands up when he won't listen to me. I'm not trying to convert him. He says he isn't trying to convert me and I believe him. We have a plan for raising our future kids: leave them alone and explain all of the religions they are interseted in and our beliefs when they start asking. The arguments are immaterial and I'm not exactly remembering what they pertain.

My fiance's problem with religion lies in those peple that hide behind their relgion. I am with him on this. To make sure he knows what he is talking about, I have retaken up reading my bible to correct his arguments and add my own thoughts. I'm actually starting to win arguments. Interfaith marriages can work out, despite my Christian friends raving at me that it will not work out.

I can't believe some of the things they say to us. He has a soul. He has not corrupted me. I am not forsaking God. He has very strong morals. He's not the boogeyman. How does religion turn rational people into raving idiots?
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