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any greek brides marry outside the GO church?

Hi all,

Has anyone married outside the Greek church BC you married or intend to marry a non Christian?

How was ur experience? Were u able to incorporate the stefana and have a kumbara/kumbaro? Where did u have ur wedding? Who performed it? Were u able to do it in Greek or only English? As a person of GO faith, how do you feel having to give up ur rights to the sacrament? And lastly, any body know of anyone at all willing to perform GO ceremony for a GO and non Christian maybe a lenient minister or retired priest, or anyone? Thanks so so so much, please share ur story and input.

Re: any greek brides marry outside the GO church?

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    Hi there!
    We are having a greek wedding but in Greece though!
    Here you can get married outside the church,which is common
    when the church is too small.
    It looks like this 

    I was personally kumbara in a wedding between
    an orthodox and a catholic,and they just got married
    once with a orthodox ceremony.I've seen couples do
    2 ceremonies the same day,a catholic and an orthodox one
    because they wanted so.You just have to ask the church!

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