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Pagan Handfasting

Hey yall.  My handfasting/wedding is in 15 days.  On the awesome day of Samhain--or more popularly known as Halloween.  I say Handfasting/Wedding, because traditionally Handfasting's occur every year, whereas we're doing it once every 10 years.  Or so goes the plans...

I'm a Witch and a Native American Spiritualist and my Fiance is an Asatru (Norse Pagan).  Together we're battling a traditionalist parent.  Not one who's overbearing with her own religion convictions, but one who's more or less concerned with how our guests will see her.  Fun, I know.  Unfortunately for her, I get my strength from her. 

Samhain is the Witches New Year and also a dead to remember the dead.  We're blending our fayths into the ceremony, and also are honoring our ancestors.  I'm honoring my African ancestors by Jumping the Broom, and am crafting a Walking Stick that's going to be dedicated to our Cherokee and Choctaw ancestors/relatives.  For the Handfasting Besom, I'm incorporating Runes and Mjolnir for my Fiance.  Our Totems will also be represented in the ceremony.

And we're also being wedded by a Legal Wiccan High Priestess, who's going to educate the guests on Samhain and the importence it has to Witches. 

It wasn't an easy battle with my mom, that's for sure.  In fact she's not even aware of some of things that are going to happen such as the Jumping the Broom and the Wine Blessing.  Did so to avoid drama (got enough of that with my dad and the whole escorting issue).  It's important to put your foot down for you and your FI's beliefs (even with a few secrets).  It's highly important to us to have our fayths intertwined and represented on our wedding day, as well as for our guests to understand that Halloween is one of our most sacred days.

Bright Blessings!

Bright Blessings! ~)O(~

Re: Pagan Handfasting

  • EnamiEnami
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    Awesome! I'm a Celtic Recon and ADF'er, and my fiance is a Christian, as are both our families. We think we're going to forgoe a "religious" wedding, and instead focus on a "spiritual" one. We have talked about each of us choosing readings for our mothers, and he will probably choose something biblical, and I'm debating on either an Irish "Wooing" or an excerpt from "Walden Pond". Since neither of us feel like "rocking the boat" at our wedding, with our very hardline families, we've chosen to keep our beliefs in the spirit of the ceremony (we're planning an eco-friendly wedding), if not getting up and shouting "Before Jesus/Nuadhu, I love you!". Hope yours went well! Great day, Samhainn. :)
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  • AngelMJAngelMJ
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    Well, I come from the South and a bevy of Southern Baptists, and Athiests. He was brought up Buddist with his mom who (i think) was the first Buddist in his familly. I became Pegan in highschool, met Diety when I nearly died at 18, and never considered going back to Christianity. We will be having an unusual wedding just by mixing the two. I am a solitary practitioner and am realy at a loss so far about how to mix the two. He tolled me that there is not much to the Wedding Ritual for Buddists, but I will be looking up info online. As a solitary practitioner of my mixed Pegan beliefs I am realy not sure how to not go 'overboard' and make it last Too long, lol.
    The theme of the wedding and reception is kind of a costume party, See, we, the wedding party, will be Mythical/Magical beings and will have in the save the date announcement and the wedding invitations wording that will say that we want everyone to dress like a person from the Fairy Realms (Seely, Unseely, etc courts), the Middel Eastern Dieties, Vampires, Ware-creatures, all who are from Magical and or mystical realms are ivited. We will state that we must all wear our frendly faces or a mask if needed so as not to scare the children of the realms. We will be inviting 'representations' of religious leaders and Loards and Ladies from all over the world dressed in period costumes. We will wish that everyone stays in the dress codes from no later than the period of the Renasaunce, but will allow the decorative styals from the Eastern countries (Turkish, etc, ) if very traditional and fancy. I hope to see wings, fangs, ents and tree herders and many other beings.
     We will have either deer, cow, or pig on the 'magical' roasting spit. I intent to get the medival social groups and artist in the area involved as much as possible. My Grandma (maternal) has 160 acers in a farming community. It is mostly forests, with a tiney spring, deer, wilde turkey, a tonn of other animals, a tiney pond, some deep washes/creeks (when it rains!) and some beautiful 'bottom land". The Pecaun groves are createing thier 4th generations of offspring, there are Black Wallnut and wilde Persimon trees, and Sand Plumbs all over. We also have the wilde Grape we call Possom Grapes. They make excellent wine, jelly, and pancake syrup. My Mom and step Father keep a few bee hives there in the Spring through the early Fall. If it is going well that year they will keep them there. 
    Any way, I love the place and about 11 years ago I found the perfect place to hve a wedding. It is close to the home stead, the water well, and electricity. The trees make an almost Perfect circle around about an acre of grass and clover. There is an area of sand stone that rises out of the earth near the North end of the circle. I realy would love to merry there, or some place just as beautiful. If nothing goes wrong ( I have about 16 months to plan everything. I feel a little haried. I want to do it in the Autumn or Spring and he wants to do it when his 2 kids and my  3 kids will be out of school. I guess we shall see. .  I hope you had a wonderful time! Blessid Be.

    Shade and Sweet Water,
    angy and marc
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    I'm Pagan, my family is very Christian. FI is Catholic, but doesn't practice nearly to the extent of his family. We were going to have a nature theme, have the ceremony outside, and do handfasting, but that all got changed. I just found out that his church won't recognise our marriage if performed outside the Catholic church, so now we have zero idea what to do. I would still very much like to do handfasting, but I don't know if his church would even allow it.
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  • AngelMJAngelMJ
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    I don't know what your budget is. Saying that you may want to consider having the Officiall wedding catholic and then have a truely traditional, under the moon, with 2 witnesses (or more who support you), Pegan wedding. Just an idea.
  • basetbaset
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    edited December 2011
    I'm a mixure of Buddhist and Pagan,but also LOVE Indian weddings and the culture.

    I want to have something from all three at my wedding such as a wine blessing,fire and handfasting

    I live in South Florida and I am finding it very hard to find places and dresses and someone who really understands our faith/'s to marry us.

    Any advice,websites or stores?

    I can't find an Indian wedding dress from a walk-in store (not internet)

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    My boyfriend and I are both Asatru and we have been having a lot of trouble finding information for modern day Norse weddings and traditions.

    I'm highly interested in if you found any good sites or, preferably photos.
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