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Having a Catholic/Buddhist!!!

Absoluetly no clue on what to do/what not to do! My dream of getting married in a catholic church with a catholic priest is now not going to happen. So i'm a little confused as to what type of clergyman is supposed to marry us?

Re: Having a Catholic/Buddhist!!!

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    Catholic Doctrine dictates that a Catholic Marriage must be held in a church to be fully recognized in the catholic faith.  That being said, there are plenty of priests out there that are less stringent and may be able to marry you anyways outside of the churh.  Otherwise your only option is a JP.  Good Luck.

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    Is there a particular lineage that your Buddhist hubby follows or studies under?  The Kwan Um School of Zen is an international Buddhist community that is pretty flexible with their ceremonies.  Many Zen masters from this school have also participated in multi-faith retreats.  I believe a  Dharma teacher is enough clergy to officiate a wedding.  They just need to go through the correct steps for their state.  There are a few groups in Miami that may have the right clergy you are looking for.  My recommendation would be to google "zen meditation Miami" and use that as a starting point.  From my experience multi-faith practice is a much more open conversation in the Buddhist community than in the Christian communities.  So it will probably be easier to find a Buddhist that is open and experienced with Catholicism, than a Catholic that is open and experienced with Buddhism.  No judgement there, just my experience. 

    Hope this helps!
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