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Interfaith Pre-Cana in Philadelphia?

Hi there!  My fiance and I are getting married in a Catholic Church but he is Protestant.  He has been great about my desire to marry in the Church but is a little wary of having to participate in pre-cana.  We take our religious beliefs very seriously and I want to be respectful of him and his comfort in participating.  I would really like to find a pre-cana program where he wouldn't be the only non-Catholic or one in which the conversations focus on "Christian" marriages as opposed to "Catholic" marriages.  Does anyone have any specific recommendations of parishes in the Archdiocese that have pre-cana programs that might be more geared towards interfaith couples?  Thanks in advance!

Re: Interfaith Pre-Cana in Philadelphia?

  • You have to follow the rules of the diocese, and attend what they say you need attend in order to marry in the church.

    Most programs are prepared for mixed marriages. 

    Christian marriage is not opposed to "Catholic marriage". 
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