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American Christian Bride Palestinian Muslim Groom

Hello I am planning a weddding for me an American Christian and my fiance a Palestinian Muslim. We have already had an Islamic ceremony and are married in Islam, we will not have the legal ceremony in either a church or mosque so at to not offend any guests. We are getting legally married in New Orleans and we have been discussing alcohol. I know that we are not to serve alcohol at the reception, so we have been discussing having the ceremony, while we are taking pictures with family those who would like to drink could go to an area with alcohol being served during this time and those who would not would go to an area with tea, coffee etc. I am not sure if we would be able to have a separate venue for the ceremony and reception however. Anyways any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts would be more than helpful! 

Re: American Christian Bride Palestinian Muslim Groom

  • Would people be really upset if you didn't have alcohol? I'm Southern Baptist and my FI is Catholic, but has tons of Muslims in his family.  We decided not to have any alcohol served.  A few friends were bummed out, but I don't want to offend anyone or have someone to drink the wrong thing by accident.  Plus, it turns out you can save about $2000 by not serving alcohol.  I think serving alcohol while you're taking pictures is a great compromise.  Is there a patio area?  Maybe they could go out there.
  • Unfortunately, yes they would be really bummed I come from a large southern family who is very intouch with their Irish roots lol. We have decided that it will be one bar not in the reception room itself but in the entry hallway just outside, that way it is not directly in the reception room but it is also not completely separating those guests who would like to drink. He even has some of his family members that would drink.

    Adrenalina- what traditions are you including in your palestinian/american wedding? He definitely wants the drummer and me walking with the candles to him
  • I'm in a similar situation (come from a big southern family that LOVES their booze, fiance and his family are North African practicing muslims). One of our issues is that he doesn't even want for us to pay for it (since we're paying for our own wedding). Fair enough. I've thought about doing BYOB with our guests, since we're planning on doing a relatively small, informal affair anyways. I've also thought about setting up a bar area in a tent where people can hang out and drink, so the idea of establishing a strict "drink here only" area I think is fair. Of course, it's ultimately about finding a solution that works with the two of you (and your families by extension) and where neither of you feel like you're having to compromise too much on your big day. :)
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