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Viet Husband and Wife Cakes near Boston

I'm a white lady planning a Vietnamese wedding, (the boy is viet of course), and his sister who has been quite helpful with all the traditional stuff asked if we were going to give away the traditional conjugal cakes to officially "annouce" the engagment. Only she doesn't know any place on the east coast that makes them. Does anyone know a place in the Boston area or online where I can order Bahn Phu The?

Re: Viet Husband and Wife Cakes near Boston

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    Hi Hopalee,Banh Xu Xe is a variant of Banh Phu The. It's sold in vietnamese grocery stores often. Mai's Bakery is a brand that ships them to different cities. I don't know if they ship to Boston though. Unfortuantely, they aren't wrapped in the boxes made of pretty leaves. Hope this helpsGretchen
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