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Chinese/English Encee in SF bay area??

We're having a Chinese banquet for our wedding reception. It's going to be a mix of our young friends and our parents' older friends who don't speak English. So I'm looking for a wedding emcee in SF bay area who can speak cantonese, mandarin, and great english (since his side is manderin, mine is cantonese). On top of that, I really would like an emcee with humor and charisma. I haven't been able to find anything. Anyone have any recommendations??

Re: Chinese/English Encee in SF bay area??

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    I had my wedding, Eva, and I think his name was Paul (?) were AWESOME!! Eva sang in mostly in Manderin, but they both speak English, Cantonese and Manderine. Paul sang in English, and totally entertained everyone that wasn't the traditional Chinese folks... :) They had us plays some entertaining games as well. :) I think they come with a DJ, and they cost about $800 for the night... Good luck!
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