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Any superstitious married women not getting pregnant because next year is the year of the tiger?  I know that others have told me they didn't want to have a baby the year of the tiger because tigers are known to be hot tempered.  We are not very superstitious, but now it has me wondering because 2011 is acutally a good year for us to have a baby according to astrology.

Re: Having Babies?

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    You probably know deep down inside that it doesn't matter. Saying that on zodiac is bad isn't fair to those millions of people out there. You know they probably have very little in common anyways.Imagine if we all just listened to these stupid superstitions and let them run our lives. I think that would be pretty lame. Especially since everybody believes different things and even astrology meanings vary.Theknot says that I am relaxed because I am a cow, and I think I am normally pretty anxious, so it is pretty wrong. And my fiance's father is a cow too and we are like polar opposites.
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