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This is my first post on this board!  I'm a Vietnamese Catholic bride preparing for a 2011 wedding.  I hope to get to know you guys well throughout the next few months!I have a question.  I know some Vietnamese brides go to Vietnam to buy an imitation designer wedding dress.  I realize that it would be such a great savings.  If I do this it wouldn't be for my ceremonial dress but for my second or third dress at the reception.  (I'm a multi-dress kind of bride!)  But here is the issue: I wasn't sure if this was ethical, and even if it is, whether the quality is decent enough that it would be appropriate to wear.  For example, I saw some for under $200 at visiting that site, what are your thoughts on this?  Should I risk it and order one anyway?  I guess worst thing that can happen is that I waste time and $200.
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    Hi there and welcome. :) I can't vouch for any particular store overseas because i've never done this myself, but I think that if you do enough research on reviews and stuff, you could find someone to do a "replica" or custom dress for you at a much cheaper price than the real thing. i've seen reviews on other boards where brides end up losing their money and never hearing from the people ever again, but have also seen some that ended up loving their slightly different dress more than the one they originally wanted. I think Jenwindy had a dress replicated (not sure through who), and on her site the dress looks gorgeous. She admits that the material isn't as good quality, but for the price, you can't beat it! Also, if it's for your third dress at the reception, I guess it doesn't necessarily have you be your favorite. GL!
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