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Updated Chinese/Asian Fusion Caterer in Bay Area

Hi Everyone,Does anyone know of any good caterers in the Bay Area that does an updated version of the Chinese banquet or Asian Fusion food? My fiance hates the traditional stuff (he's had one too many banquet foods) and we wanted to compromise on having an updated version of it or a twist.  Worse comes to worse, he'll grudgingly accept having the reception at a Chinese restaurant.Unfortunately, I'm not from the Bay Area so I have no idea what the good caterers/restaurants are out there.Thanks for your help!

Re: Updated Chinese/Asian Fusion Caterer in Bay Area

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    Hi,  I know the post is rather old -- but did you eventually find a good caterer for your 2009 wedding?  I just got engaged and am planning to have a Chinese banquet reception at a venue.  So far I've heard of Zen Peninsula, Legendary Palace, and Oriental Cuisine Express.  Any others or additional advice?  Thanks!
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    Le's Kitchen and Ginger cafe
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