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Which is it?!

I know every family follows different customs/traditions, but I'd like to see what most people follow when it comes to siblings getting married in the same year, as well as those that believe getting married during the year of the Tiger (2010) is bad luck. I've heard that if a bro/sis get married in the same year, it's fine as long as the sister gets married first. I've now also heard that if two siblings get married in the same year, one has bad luck, and even as far as to say it's the second couple getting married that "gets the bad luck". I know the saying is that people born in the year of the Tiger are hard to deal with or whatever, but how about those that get married? Obviously I didn't because I'm a 2010er, and I know many of you others are as well. Just wanted to see what the rest of you have heard. Thanks for the input!
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