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Videography Question and Recs in NYC

Please let me know if you have videographers that you would recommend in the NYC area (preferably Chinese- but doesnt have to be). The reason I ask for Chinese is because some of my relatives do not speak English and I do not want communication issues to translate to missed moments. I went to Chinatown packaged places and did not like the style as much.Side question is do you think having a Chinese videographer matters?  I just thought that the person would have a better understanding of the Chinese elements (i.e. tea ceremony, door games).  If it doesn't matter - that would definitely expand my options.

Re: Videography Question and Recs in NYC

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    Your videographer will spend most of the day following YOU around. They'll interact mainly with you, and maybe a few key people - bridal party, wedding planner, immediate families, etc. I don't think our videographers actually had to speak with any of our family members. They were more like flies on the wall, just watching from the background.The only thing that might be an issue is understanding the footage when they edit later. But they probably have connections that can help them with that. When you meet with them, ask them how they plan to deal with editing footage if they don't understand the language.Meet with them and explain the traditions in detail. A lot of professionals have done ethnic weddings before, even if they themselves aren't from that culture (especially in big multicultural cities like NYC). If they're good, they'll cover it the way you want. IMO it's most important to find someone whose style you love.Good luck!
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