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i am chinese and my finace is not. we will be having a church wedding where i will be wearing a white wedding gown. the reception will not be a chinese banquet. though during cocktail hour we will be having a tea ceremony where i wanted to change into a chinese wedding dress. but for dinner i wanted to change back into my white wedding dress. is this okay? i didn't want to offend any of my relatives that i changed back into my white wedding dress for dinner.

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    I think that is fine!
    I am planning to do the same as well. Laughing

    For my brother's traditional Chinese Weddings they usually did tea ceremony at the beginning of the banquet then my SILs changed into their evening dress afterwards.

    I plan to do our tea ceremony during cocktail hour as well and plan to change back into my wedding dress for the introductions etc. And might change into a evening dress afterwards.

    Are you starting your tea ceremony right at the beginning of cocktail hour?
    I have only a 1hr cocktail hour but I wanted to use that time to take pictures with relatives. So I'm afraid tea ceremony will spill over into the beginning of reception.
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    oh i'm glad to hear someone else is doing that too : )  just didn't want to upset relatives for changing back into my wedding gown when they maybe expecting me to stay in the chinese dress for the dinner.

    yes i'm trying to figure out the timing too. i will also just have 1 hour for the cocktails starting at 5pm where we will be having the tea ceremony and some group photos. i plan to start it probably 15-30 min into the hour. i don't have too big of a family but it definitely may go into about dinner time. i was going to talk to my venue coordinators about this and see what they recommend. i was thinking we may have to extend cocktails for a half hour. or at least have people start getting seated but tell the kitchen not to serve dinner till 6:30pm to give us some buffer time in case the tea ceremony and photos take longer.
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    I think that is perfectly fine. my fiance is chinese and i am chinese but raised in the US. I'm wearing a white wedding gown for the ceremony, but I'm having my sister design a gown that is a mixture of the chinese qipao and an evening gown since we are having a chinese banquet afterwards. nobody seems to have a problem with this so far...
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