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::Ring_Pop:: or any other knottie with input!

Did you include accommodations info in your invites somehow, as an insert or anything?  Our wedding is at a hotel, so I guess where to stay is sort of implied, but we thought about doing blocks at other hotels to give guests options.

My trifold invite looks very similar to yours, but I realized I have no room on the directions panel to add hotel information.  It's on our wedding website though.  Think that'll be good enough?  Any opinions on whether or not to add another insert?

Thanks! :)

Re: ::Ring_Pop:: or any other knottie with input!

  • ring_popring_pop member
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    I didn't... but that's because I knew that most of our OOT guests would be staying with friends and family, and the handful of others knew enough about my city to figure out their own accommodations.

    If you have a lot of guests who you think will need & appreciate the accommodations info, it's a nice idea to provide it. (Don't assume that they will look at your website... a lot of people don't even realize that there is one...)
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    Okie dokie, I think I'll just throw another insert in there with hotel information.  We'll have some OOT military folk (FI is military) that may not have friends to stay with, so it's probably a good idea.  :)  Thanks again!
  • LanaJadeLanaJade member
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    So it only hit me after my invitations were sent that I should have sent out accommodations info. Woops... that's what happens when you're doing invitations under a time constraint. Luckily, the only guests who will need hotels are our friends so we just sent out an email with all the information.
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