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Partitions at Chinese restaurants/ Los Angeles Catering

Has anyone done a Chinese banquet or been to one at a restaurant that was just in a partition area instead of a private room?  What did you think of it?

I am only having about 70-100 guests and the restaurants I like are all for a lot more people. There is one restaurant in my area in particular that nice and offers banquet menus at a very reasonable price. BUT Im having a hard time imaging how it will be like with only a partition separating my reception with the rest of the restuarant's customers.

The partition is high enough so that you can't see people but it is obviously not a wall. It basically looks like a pretty room partition that you can buy for your house to just block the view. If anyone has gone to a reception like that, can you tell me if it bothersome for you or the other guests? was the rest of the restaurant too noisy during speeches and that sort of thing? There is a dance floor and the manager assured us that we can be as loud as we want on our side.

My finance's side is white and I'm pretty sure none of his family or even friends have attended a chinese banquet so I'm not sure if they would be put off even more by the partition than my guests.

I want a pretty formal elegant reception... is that even possible with a partition like that? Right now I have a very small deposit down on a ballroom but I'm having trouble finding a caterer for Chinese food so I'm looking restaurant instead.

Is there any caterers in the LA/ Orange County area that will do a Chinese buffet AND bring glassware/ real chopsticks or forks etc??? Or even, does anyone know of a Chinese caterer besides Joy/Grace/Dragon/Hotel Banquet Catering that has decent prices?

Re: Partitions at Chinese restaurants/ Los Angeles Catering

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    Responded to your post somewhere else too, but adding here just for posterity.

    Is the restaurant you're looking at Prince Seafood? I would guess that there area only so many places in the Cerritos area that will meet your requirements. I don't think a partition is a big deal, as long as the other side of the room is just normal customers vs. another wedding. Personally, I'd rather have decent food than no partition, and I think your chances are better for good food with restaurant banquet food vs. catering.

    Crowne Plaza in Fullerton apparently built a Chinese restaurant recently - that's closer to Cerritos than some of the other places mentioned here, but it's still 17 miles - don't know if that meets your distance or cost requirements, but just in case it helps.

    There are a lot of places in the SGV area that will let you use the whole main room for 8-10 tables (Elite, Lunasia come to mind).

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