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Marrying into a Chinese / Puerto Rican family

Hi All,

My Fiance is half Chinese and half Puerto Rican... I was wondering if there were any Chinese customs I could include at our reception? 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :)


Re: Marrying into a Chinese / Puerto Rican family

  • dragonangeldragonangel member
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    My futur in-laws are chinese & vietnamese immigrants. Who ever can answer Chelseyb412 it would also really help me too.

    I know a few things for chinese customs such as a red dress and the double happiness symbol, also a dragon with a peacock or pheonix. Other than that I am lost. I'm avoiding white as much as possible(a little hard since the wedding will bein the winter) since white in chinese culture is what they wear to funerals. SOme families don't mind but some do.

  • Hi Chelsey I am Puertorican and my fiancée is Chinese. It's interesting to meet someone similar. My fiancé's mother is picking out our wedding date. It is custom for the mother to pick the luckiest date in the year. Which is very tricky and stressful since some days are not ideal to me.I want a spring wedding. It's up to your fiancées family, some Chinese family are not traditional while others are. Some traditions include:The tea ceremony at the grooms parents house and a banquet style reception. I wanted to included the floating chinese lanterns that float up in the air, however many venues and states do not allow the lanterns since they might be fire a hazard and litter grounds at a venue. Angie
  • hi  i'm  a Chinese girl  but i'm in CHINA   , Wish you have a good  wedding
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