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Chinese Wedding Games

I am in charge of the Chinese wedding games for my best friends wedding this weekend. I am wondering if anyone has done these where the boys have to do silly or gross stuff to "win" the bride?
If so, what worked well? Also, were there any that did not go  as planned or that you would avoid?

I have just found so many options it is hard to narrow it down. TIA!

Re: Chinese Wedding Games

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    My fiance had the honored of playing some of those games to help his friend get the included eating fortune cookies filled with wasabi...and they had 2 cups of clear fluids which the boys got to was filled with vodka and the other with white vinegar.  of course there's making the grooms men do push ups, and another one had the boys creating I <3 U on the floor with their bodies, so when the bride looks out the window upstairs, she could see it. hope these ideas help ya!
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