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Shops in NYC - Qipao and favors

My fiance and I are going up to NYC this weekend.  I want to get a custom-made qipao, and looking for traditional items (not tacky, like fortune cookies) for the favors.

Anyone have a favorite shop???  Any help would be...well..helpful

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Re: Shops in NYC - Qipao and favors

  • LanaJadeLanaJade member
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    Peony Red on Centre St. near Grand St. Their amazon site doesn't have qipaos but their FB page does. The owner is very helpful too.
  • StuffingStuffing member
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    I second Peony Red.  Small shop, but the people there are really nice, and good qipao.  Pearl River may be another choice, but I did not like the workers there as much.
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    ... and looking for traditional items (<strong><font color="#ff0000">not tacky, like fortune cookies</font></strong>) for the favors....

    Posted by rbtrumpet[/QUOTE]

    Wow.  Fortune cookies are TACKY? <img src="" border="0" alt="Surprised" title="Surprised" />
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    lol. I'm with NJerseyABC. I was thinking about doing chocolate-covered fortune cookies with custom fortunes inside.
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