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Chinese DJ around Boston/Quincy Area

Hi Everyone,

We're looking for a Chinese DJ for our Chinese wedding banquet in Quincy, Massachusetts.  It'd be great for this person to be familiar with how the wedding banquets flow, know Cantonese/Toisanese, and do some light emcee'ing.

A lot of the Chinese DJ's we've found are in the older demographic and don't seem to fit our vibe.  We want someone younger and closer to the 20-30's age range.  In the end really the age of the DJ doens't matter as long as they have the right youthful vibe and play the right music.  We are in our early 30's but have a lot of guests in their 20's.

There are obviously plenty of great non-Chinese DJs to choose from, but then they obviously would not be able to help with certain aspects of the celebration.  We'll use this option if we have to do but would really prefer a Chinese speaking DJ.

Orla & Alan

Re: Chinese DJ around Boston/Quincy Area

  • I'm no help- I don't know any Chinese DJs in the age group. However, my fiance's best friend got married in March and hired someone from Mirage Entertainment. While the MC/DJ was probably in his 40s, he kept us (well, at least me lol) entertained all night. He's Chinese and used both English and Chinese the whole night. Maybe you can contact Mirage Entertainment and see if they have any younger DJs?

    If you do find one, let me know! I would probably appreciate a younger DJ as well, FI and I are both in our mid 20s :)
  • Do you have a specific type of music in mind already? Like a preference for classic Chinese wedding music vs more westernized music vs anything goes as long as it has the right mood.

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    Undecided wedding day... ^^
  • Hi Orla,

    My friend George actually co-owns a DJ company Quincy.  If you're still looking for a bilingual DJ, let me know and I'll message the information to you.  He can play any kind of music you want, and has a huge selection, speaks Cantonese, but I believe he is Toisanese too.  Anyways, you're not going to hear old school chinese songs solely, unless if that's your thing LOL.

    (sorry wish I saw the post before)

  • Hi vbd413,
    I saw your post and i am looking for Cantonese Dj in the Quincy/Boston area. you could give your friend infor so i could contact him. thank you

  • Hi VD413,

    I saw your post too, I am also looking for cantonese Dj in Quincy, if you can please give your freind's information to me. [email protected] 

    Thank you,


  • Hi vbd413, I am also looking for a Cantonese DJ for my wedding next year. Will you please forward your friend's information to me as well? My email is [email protected] Many thanks! Jo
  • Hi vbd413.  My fiance is Chinese, as is most of her family, and all of my family does not speak a word.  We are looking for a bilingual dj to get everyone involved in the wedding.  Can you ask your friend who runs the dj company to reach out to us at: [email protected]?

    Thanks in advance!
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