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Marrying Into a Traditional Chinese Family

Are there any customs or traditions that I should be sure to include in the ceremony (before or after)?
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Re: Marrying Into a Traditional Chinese Family

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    There are so many I don't know where to start...or what matters to your in laws.  The basics that seem most common in Chinese weddings in America:

    - Red or reddish color tones
    - Double happiness symbols on the wall / decor / invitations
    - Tea ceremony for family
    - Bride to wear a red qi pao / cheongsam with multiple dress changes
    - Bride's attire, jewelry, etc fully paid by bride's family
    - Groom comes to bride's house to play games and "win" permission to see the bride
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    I've heard that the Tea Ceremony is held by the brides family, but if we're not the Asian family, how would that work??

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    There are lots of variations on the tradition. I think historically, the bride alone would often serve her parents tea at home beforehand, and then they would both serve the groom's parents. These days, I think it's more common for the couple to serve both sets of parents (the bride's parents at their house, and the groom's parents at his house). You can still serve tea to your parents (and aunts / uncles, if you like) even if they're not Asian; the principle of showing respect to your elders is still the same. We are in the same boat sort of, though it's my parents, not hers, who are non-Chinese. Of course, you'll probably want to explain to them how things work ahead of time.

    Traditionally, it should be before noon, and will usually be fairly private (family and bridal party only), rather than incorporated into the public ceremony.
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