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Texas-San Antonio

Hotel Havana?

Has anyone been to a wedding or gotten married here?? I can't seem to get much information out of them..... THANKS!

Re: Hotel Havana?

  • txcyclisttxcyclist member
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    I sent them an email myself a few days ago and haven't gotten a response. I'm going to try and call them next week. Good luck!
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    Hey ladies.  Have any of you received a response from the Hotel yet?  I was wondering the same.

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    This is the email we got from Orlando...

    Try giving a call to any of these venues.  We'd really love to put your
    family and friends up at the Hotel Havana wherever you choose to marry.
    I'll get with Andy Erdmann again with your request to have the wedding in
    our facility.  Apologies for the  delay in reply.

    Governor's Palace 224-0601  Great courtyard. Historic. Downtown.  Right next
    to city hall. The stealth location that is cool but not everyone knows

    Nice, hip vibe. romantic. They have a chapel or you can marry outdoors on
    their grounds. 210-224-1848.

    THE INN AT CRAIG PLACE - I've heard this pretty inexpensive.  Garden set up
    for small, small weddings. Weather dependent. Near downtown. 210-736-1017

    MARRIAGE ISLAND- Literally an island in the middle of the San Antonio River.
    Not for the faint of heart. Prepared to have drunk people in bermuda shorts
    and sandals say stupid things or offer to buy you drinks. Could be cool or
    could be awful, but definitely memorable.  Rents in 1/2 hour
    increments.Parks and Recreation Department at 210-207-7275.

    THE GARDENS OF GRANBERRY HILLS- Don't know much about this venue. Number is:

    SAN ANTONIO BOTANICAL GARDENS Pretty. Pretty. Pretty, but also weather
    dependent. Again, curious tourists, but better behaved. 210-829-0804.

    The Guenther House- Where you take your grandma for brunch, but she LOVES
    it. Moms love it too.  May be too "old" or unhip for you guys, but will
    clearly please the family.  Pretty.


    MCNAY ART MUSEUM - Beautiful, pricey.  Great pictures. Dates often
    overbooked. Bum's rush to get brides out of venue for next wedding.   Call

    WITTE MUSEUM  Auditorium and outdoor venue. Set up for bigger

    THE LITTLE CHURCH AT LA VILLITA- Very neat spot, in the heart of old
    downtown. Can be very hot, though. No support except through the vendors
    that you arrange.  call 210-226-3593.

    You may also want to try something like La Fonda on Main- They have one of
    the prettiest courtyards in the city.

    Again,  apologies for the delay in getting back to you and your patience
    with our reply.  I know that your fiance is eager to get things firmed up
    for your outdoor wedding.

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    Hmm.  So basically they don't do weddings there?  Lol.  Oh well, I know it's fairly small and not sure where, if, they could have room for a ceremony or reception.  The hotel is so beautiful though, I hope to incorporate it into my wedding somehow!  Maybe rent a suite and take pics there while we get ready and use as a bridal suite for the day of the wedding and then will be our wedding night stay. 
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