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I am trying to book our ceremony for March 2013 and it has been IMPOSSIBLE to get face time with anybody!
I called in October and they told me to call in December. I've called, emailied and have showed up several times to no avail.
I finally get a response.
They don't book until January 2012.

Does anybody have any tips or anecdotes or any info about San Fernando?

My fiance has a close sentimental attachement to the place, if not I would've moved on a long time ago.

Re: San Fernando Cathedral

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    We also have been calling, but my mom finally got a hold of them the first week of January. The lady said that father tony hadn't opened the calendar for 2013 yet but he will soon and that she would call us back when he does. We still havent gotten a call back though, but she tells us that we are on the list for our date in June, so hopefully we can trust that.
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    OH MY GOODNESS. FINALLY heard back. I have been calling every day this month. She finally called me and I have my date. Somehow somebody beat me to my ideal time, but its ok. I hope they arent as dificult with anything else as the booking process was.
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    We are hoping to get married at SF Cathedral too.  We want to set our wedding date for Jan 18, 2014, but the 2014 calendar doesn't open until Jan 2013!  Were you ladies able to get your first choice date? Because we're looking at a holiday weekend, I wanted to book my reception site sooner rather than later, but I'm hesistant to book a recpetion venue if I don't know for certain that we'll be able to get in with the church!
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    I also would LOVE to be married in the Cathedral...but I'm worried my budget won't allow for it. Would any of you be so kind as to tell me the average cost for their services? My fiancee and I are footing the bill and planning the wedding ourselves. ANy information would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Hi nmercdo84: this might be too late for your planning process, but in case it helps anyone else, it was $1000 for the Cathedral, plus a stipend for the priest.
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    Do you have to join their parish? Can you brig your own priest? Is getting married here any more or less intensive then getting married at another church?
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    I think I can answer some of your questions:

    No, you dont have to join their parish
    Yes, you can bring your own priest
    The preparation you have to do is the same throughout the Archdioceses of San Antonio (marriage prep classes, meet with priest/decon, etc)

    However, the Cathedral has a lot of rules - bridesmaids cant have bare shoulders, bride cant have bare shoulders unless wearing a viel, only one photographer and one videographer allowed, no wedding coordinators, you have 30 minutes after the wedding to take pictures inside.

    Hope that help! if you have any more questions let me know!
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