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HI Ladies,My fiancee and I are looking for an interfaith Rabbi. I feel like his fee of $1225 is excessive although it is CT. Can you let me know if we are on track?

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    It sounds reasonable, IF the rabbi provides a lot of services. Lots of rabbis charge a lot less, but as I just told someone else here, they also give a lot less. If your rabbi is charging that, chances must be pretty good that he or she provides a lot of services, like lots of visits and family time, etc. I've spoken to Orthodox rabbis about what I should expect a rabbi to offer (they won't do my wedding, a since we are an interfaith couple). All of them have said that a rabbi who takes his or her job seriously will meet with you often, as much as you want, and even make house calls. They will see you when you're sick, meet with your families, make sure you are well spiritually and keep an eye over you during the whole "trip to the Chuppah." Em
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