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Hi, ladies.
I'm not actually getting married in San Antonio (I'm getting married in Lubbock), but I am honeymooning there. My FH just told me which hotel we were staying at but only has read reviews on the hotel's website. I'd rather not have only biased reviews. So, I was wondering if any of you knew much about the Westin on the river walk and if it was any good. I've been to San Antonio before, but it's been at least five or six years ago by now and I don't remember much about the hotels there. I'd also appreciate some good Tex-mex restraunt suggestions if you have any!

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    Hi Courtney,

    You should check out the new JW Marriott Hill Country Resort, it's a huge, like a it's own little city. I've always liked La Margarita downtown for good tex mex.

    Good Luck!
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    We had a huge work event there 2 years ago and we stayed overnight.  I personally think its hard to go wrong with a Westin hotel and the Westin Riverwalk lived up to expectations.  It was nice, the staff was nice and the room was comfortable (especially that bed!).
    I also went to a Bachelorette party where the girls all had spa services done at their spa there and although it's not the cheapest place to get those things done, it was very nice and they did a great job.
    I would say one of the only negatives was the price of parking, I don't remember how much it was now (although i'm sure it can be found on the website) but I want to say it was $25+ per night.  Keep in mind though that most of the hotels on the Riverwalk have hefty prices for parking.
    As far as mexican food places, we just had a group lunch at Acenar (on the Riverwalk) and everyone raved about the food.  Cool atmosphere too and if the weather is nice, request patio/riverwalk seating!
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    Thanks, guys. :) I'm glad to hear that it's a good hotel. My one request I gave to FH when he asked me where I wanted to stay was that the hotel be on the riverwalk. The parking does sound annoying, though... I think I'll look to see if they have a shuttle or something that goes to the major places in town. Most of what I want to see is on the riverwalk, but I know we want to go to the Alamo (Can't remember how far away that is...) and Fiesta Texas. FH has never been on a rollercoaster in his life, and I am a coaster fanatic, so he promised to try at least two rollercoasters for me. lol.
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    My bridesmaids and I stayed at the Westin the night before the wedding (2 weeks ago) and got ready there and I had stayed there once before that.  It's a beautiful hotel and I highly recommend it.  Parking was $30 a day.  I don't know if it's always that much or if it's because it was Spring Break.  They're probably all close to that.  I had a deluxe pedicure in the spa and I have to say it was the most amazing pedicure I've ever had.  My nails were super sparkly and smooth, that nail polish was like epoxy the way he applied it.  It was expensive but lasted forEVER.  Downtown food is mostly not that good, but I can recommend Biga, Boudro's and Acenar.  I don't think I like any of the TexMex places down there, so I can't help you with that.  It's a little bit of a walk to the Alamo, but not bad and there's plenty to see along the way.  Or you could probably hop on a trolley or take a $5 cab ride to it.  Fiesta Texas is across town, you will need a car or cab to get there.
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    My favorite place on the riverwalk is Iron Cactus- their mexican martini is awesome!
    They hotel should be very nice, I was there for a conference not long ago and it was lovely.
    Definitely do a river boat tour- cheesy and touristy but fun!
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    Thanks for all the help, guys! I really appreciate it! I'm really starting to look forward to the trip. :)

    (And we're definitely taking a riverboat tour... I also insist on getting one of the pretty paper floral wreaths that all the little girls like to wear. When I lived in Dallas (we moved away when I was 12), my family went to San Antonio every year, and I got one every time we went. I still have them all, too. I just love them! lol)
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