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Does anyone have any recommendations for a limo company. I booked with san antonio limo and after reading their google reviews I had to call and cancel which they made very difficult and made me very glad I cancelled early. I just can't find anyone that I trust so anything is greatly appreciated.
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    Ohh! Thanks for posting this question - I'd love to know who other people are using, too! I'd love to leave in a Rolls or some other classic car, but DF & I are also considering a party bus. Suggestions/recommendations ladies?
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    We thought about doing a Rolls but then realized I would have a hard time fitting, (had a hard time getting in my mom's SUV for portraits) so now we are thinking stretch towncar.
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    I WOULDN'T suggest A First Class Limousine and Sedan Service. I had made an appointment with them on friday to meet on saturday and I was basically stood up because supposedly the manager had emergency business with the governor Undecided Regardless, they should've had the decency to call and say the appointment needed to be rescheduled rather than have me drive 45 minutes across town to an empty office. What bothered me most was that the manager wanted to shrug it off like he wasn't going to lose business! Ugh!

    But yes, I too am looking for a reliable limo service.
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    We were going to do a limo too until we got bumped for a prom. After that, I have no trust in limo companies, although I'm sure not all are bad. We decided to rent a nice cadillac and my uncle will be our "chauffeur"(we didn't ask him to do this, he wanted to). This worked out for us since we don't need a limo for the early part of the day, we just wanted something to transport us after the wedding to the hotel. HTH!
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