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Not to be a downer, but wow.....

My BIL/SIL are getting divorced. Those of you who knew me back before wedding time know how crazy I think she is. (I used to vent about her a lot). BIL told us she said she doesn't love him anymore and loves someone else.

On the plus side, BIL told us that he and my nephew will be spending more time with us (which is how we've always wanted it)!

What a day.......
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Re: Not to be a downer, but wow.....

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    Yikes! Sorry :(
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    Divorces suck but sometimes they are a necessary evil.  Sounds like that's the case here and as long as your BIL and nephew are okay, then it's all good.  Hope SIL's new beau can deal with her...
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    sorry to hear about your brother's divorce, hope things only get better for him and your family from here on out!
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