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Asking male guests to take a kippah...

How did you ladies display the kippot for the ceremony?  Did you have someone asking the male guests to take one to wear during the ceremony or did you have a sign asking them to take it or did you guys just have them out in hopes that the men took them? 

I'm having a small ceremony (with almost no bridal party, no ushers etc), so I may have assign a friend to ask male guests to take one.  I'm not doing programs so there is no explaining of why men are asked to wear one. 

I was thinking of putting up a sign alongside the basket of kippot saying "Gentlemen....Please take a kippah to wear during the ceremony"


Re: Asking male guests to take a kippah...

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    How important to you is it that the men wear them?

    If you just want them available, but don't especially care if everyone wears one, I'd leave them in a basket, maybe with the sign. (In that scenario, for example, my Jewish father would take one, but my non-Jewish DH wouldn't.)

    If it's important to you that everyone (including non-Jewish guests) wear them, I'd ask someone to stand by the basket to encourage people to wear them and answer questions. (If specifically asked to wear one, of course DH would, but given the option,  he'd choose not to.)
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    If you want everyone to wear them, have someone hand them out.  We are having about 150 people and will have our uncles as ushers to greet people and offer programs and kippot (we're not getting married in a shul, and it's not crucial to us that every male has a kippah on).  If you want people to take them, I'd have a friend or family member offer them.  Especially if it's not in a shul, I think people may just overlook them (FI would take one if offered, but he's not that observant, so if there was just a basket with a sign, he'd walk right by, especially if it wasn't in a shul where he's kind of more used to looking for a kippah on the way in).  

    Also, keep in mind that some women may like to wear kippot (or have them as a souvenir), depending on what their backgrounds and traditions are, so I would be careful using language like "Gentlemen, please take a kippah."  I think having a person there would be better all around.  
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    We had one of the gm's hand them out and ask all male guests, jewish or not, to pleas wear one. Everyone agreed.
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    I agree with everyone else - elect a close friend or a family member to hand them out at the entrance of the sanctuary. FI and I are planning on asking our youngest cousins on each side to do this, as well as handing our programs - since they are too old to be flower girls or ring bearers.

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