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Re-Intro =) Hi!

Hi, all. I posted on here for the first time a few months ago (over the summer, I think) but I haven't been particularly active on this board. So I thought I would re-introduce myself because I got engaged 2 weeks ago!

My FI and I have been together 2 years. He proposed on our 2nd anniversary, actually. We met 5 years ago at college. I graduated in May and am currently unemployed (boo) and he is a manager at a cell phone store. We live together and I am so blessed that he is able to support me.

FI was raised in a mixed household - mother Catholic, father Jewish. He grew up celebrating all the holidays (Christmas/Hannuka/Easter/Passover) but never really identified himself one way or another. I told him early in the relationship that because I am Reform, he does not have to convert if we were to marry, but the ceremony must be Jewish and any future children will be raised Jewish. Not only did he agree to this, he decided he wants to convert! He says that he really feels connected to Judaism and when he participates in the holidays and goes to temple, he feels like he belongs there. It was very touching.

So, now that we are officially engaged, I asked him if he still wanted to convert. He said absolutely, and I contacted my rabbi to get the ball rolling. Starting in January, we are going to take a 16 week class so that he can start his conversion (I say "we" because my rabbi suggested I attend with him). I am so proud of my FI! My mother was so impressed with his dedication, she is going to help us pay for the class! how cool is that?

So, that's my intro. Look forward to talking with you ladies more =)

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Re: Re-Intro =) Hi!

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    Mazel tov, and welcome!  My son is going through a similar class right now.  His fiancee is not Jewish, but they want a Jewish ceremony.  The rabbi said she would do that only if both of them attended the basic Judaism class.  Of course, since my son already went through Hebrew school and had a bar mitzvah, he doesn't exactly need the basic stuff.  However, I think it's been useful for him to be there with his fiancee, so that they can talk together about what is going on in the class.
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    That is so wonderful! My FI converted and loves Judaism. It really adds to our relationship that we now have this to share. I never asked him to convert either.
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