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What to wear to Orthodox wedding?


I'm going to an orthodox wedding L.A. and unsure what to wear. I asked sister-in-law of groom where I could get a nice undershirt to wear under a dress. She said I don't have to do that since it's an American wedding (I actually was at her wedding in Israel and was told and did wear blouse to elbow & skirt to knee). I obviously would not wear anything risque short or exposing anything but I'm still unsure.

Any tips would be great..where to look or go or links to example dresses? Also, it is L.A. and I'min  more middle America..soo....ha ha.

 At the wedding I went to in Israel, while it was Orthodox, girls/women wore cute/fashionable dresses with slim fitting shirts underneath so they were not exposed. I'm being told I don't need to do this

Thanks in advance. I know the groom and never met the bride so I can't ask her...and he won't have a clue (& I don't want to bug him)

Re: What to wear to Orthodox wedding?

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    I know there are some Orthodox women on this board who can answer more completely than I can -- I don't know how much variation there might be even among Orthodox weddings -- but I can tell you about the one Orthodox wedding that I went to in NY. I wasn't sure what to wear so I asked the bride and she said that the Orthodox women would be wearing tops that covered their arms and skirts that covered their knees, but I was welcome to wear whatever I wanted. Since it was a black tie wedding, that mostly translated to women in long formal dresses that looked like any other except no sleeveless or strapless dresses.

    I wore a black velvet scoop neck long sleeved top paired with a long black skirt and high heels. It was all clothing I had in my closet, stylish, and something I would have worn to anybody else's wedding. It was "modest" in that my body was pretty much completely covered, but it wasn't a conservative outfit since that's not my style. I was careful to dress in a way that wouldn't offend anyone, but I also felt it was important to dress in a way that was comfortable to me and my taste. 

    Anyway, I'm sure there are others here who have more experience than my one wedding, but thought I could answer from the point of view of a guest who was concerned about doing the right thing.
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    this is from a wedding that I was at in Lakewood. Lakewood is more black dresses than LA might be (I haven't been to an LA wedding) but if you notice most of our dresses are either sleeveless or shortsleeves that have a shirt underneath, 3/4 or long sleeves. Also, the  bottom of the dress should be below your knees.
    Good luck!
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    I'd probably wear a dress that fit the formality of the wedding (black tie optional, causual, etc) and then put on a sweater to cover my shoulders. Also make sure the dress goes to your knees or below.
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    out of respect i would wear a long sleeved/ 3 quarter lenghth sleeved shirt, a skirt that fell below the knee anda a high neck shirt
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    It really depends.  Of the Orthodox weddings I've been to, the bride, bridesmaids, and majority of the guests were not dressed tsnius.  My friends who got married wore strapless gowns, and kept a shawl on just for the ceremony but took it off for the reception (the exception is if the bride herself is Orthodox).  Is the couple Orthodox,?
    If you can't ask, I'd err on the side of caution and keep your arms, chest, back, and upper legs covered.
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    I actually hate the long sleeve shirt under dresses, I understand its like an orthodox fashion style, but if you can't wear it right then it can take down the beauty of the dress. and plus modest styles have been all over the runway for the past few years, I wish it would trickle down into the bigger market. 

    I'm having an orthodox wedding, getting married in an orthodox synagogue, and a few members of my BP aren't jewish, and my FIL are conservative. I'm requiring them to just not be chesty and wear at least short sleeves and knee to floor length dresses. And for my friends I asked them to not wear dresses 3-4 in above the knee and wear cap sleeves or cardigans. and not so chesty or backless. I feel bad enough having to tell them what to wear. 

    Knowing the crowd in LA, I think no cleavage, just below knee, no exposed back and at least a couple inches above the elbow, would be the min. Oh and no sheer fabrics. 

    I feel like you could get away with a dress like this, with a fancy cardi, cropped blazer or bolero. 
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