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No One To Walk Me Down The Aisle

My mom and I are estranged, and my dad is too sick to walk down the aisle. I have no living grandparents. Should my FI's parents walk us both down the aisle or should I find a close relative? I really don't know what to do about this. It's impossible to mend things with my mom, cause she has turned her back on us.

Re: No One To Walk Me Down The Aisle

  • Other ideas are for you to walk alone, or you and fiance walk together. A relative or friend you are close to are also nice ideas. people might make any of these choices without issues of illness or estrangement at play. Personally I think walking with the groom's parents makes the least sense, but do what you are comfortable with. My father has passed away so I am walking just with my mom. 
  • Traditionally in Jewish weddings, the groom's parents walk him down the aisle, which might make it a bit cumbersome for them to walk you down, too.  That's not to say that you have to do what is traditional.  But you might also consider one of the alternatives Berlinie mentioned.
  • I would have your FI's parents walk him down the aisle (if he wants that) and then you walk in alone or with a close relative or friend.  If your FI doesn't want to walk with his parents, you can walk in together, too.  You can also walk the last 1/2 or 1/3 to the chuppah with your FI if you walk in alone or with someone else.  
  • Do you have any siblings? I'd go with that, or a close relative.  My husband's parents had both passed away and his sister walked him down the aisle.  Though they aren't terribly close, it was very emotional for them both.
  • I'm sorry :(

    What if, your fi walked down with his parents and then met you half way and walked with you to the front. 
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  • I understand, my brother is walking me down, a close relative, or a friend or mentor are all good ideas. Anyone will be honored to walk with you;
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