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slightly different Jewish invite wording question

I  don't like most of the invitation text I've seen so far, and want to do something like this (btw, my fi and I are hosting the wedding, which will be an informal, outdoor affair):

Simchas are for Sharing!
Dorie Last Name and Ron Last Name joyfully ask you to join them as they exchange wedding  vows under the chuppah. 

Is that opening line  too hokey? And, I'm not sure if the idea of "wedding vows" is kosher for a Jewish wedding ... your thoughts? I shouldn't be obsessing about this, but I am.

All ideas very much appreciated
Dorie G

Re: slightly different Jewish invite wording question

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    RachiemooRachiemoo member
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    traditionally you don't exchange vows in a jewish wedding, but if you're having a more liberal wedding and will actually be exchanging vows then i don't see anything wrong with it... really matters what your ceremony will be like imo.
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    mickeypottermickeypotter member
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    I like it...except for the word vows as Rachimoo stated
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    I love it!!

    As for exchanging vows, I agree with Rachiemoo, fine if you are actually doing that. If not I'm sure there is another way to word it.  I'm pre-coffee though so I can't think of anything at the moment!!
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    reebsreebsreebsreebs member
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    If you don't like the "wedding vows" part can you say "meet under the chuppah."  Anyone who knows what a simcha is will know what a chuppah is.
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    On our invites ours said "unite under the Chuppah"... that might be a nice addition if you take out the vows line.
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    I like "meet under the chuppah"
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    i like where you're going with this!  we also agonized over our invitation wording, as we didn't really like traditional invites.

    we also wanted to convey that guests are an important part of the proceedings, not jsut audience members watching a performance.

    our parents split the costs with us so ours said:

    together with our parents
    mob and fob
    mog and fob
    bride and groom
    invite you to take part in and amplify our joy
    as we are united in marriage under the chuppah
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    engdoc03engdoc03 member
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    Aha ...You all are great! "Meet or unite" it will be. I knew that "vows" wasn't right, but nothing else was coming to me (and I teach English LOL).  Thanks so much for your suggestions! 
    --Dorie G
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