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Where did you get your chuppah? I am looking to buy instead of rent.

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    Are you looking to buy an entire chuppah (including poles), or just the fabric?  If it is the whole thing, you'd probably want to check with your local board, as there aren't a lot of nationwide sellers willing to ship the poles.  A quick Google search found Happily Ever Chuppah in your area, but I have no idea what their prices are.

    If you're looking for just the fabric, you could just use a tallit.  Or you might want to check on Etsy, which has a large selection of them.

    As for us, I made ours.  Instructions are at this link, if you are interested.

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    I've asked my parents to make it. Borrow 4 umbrella stands. Screw eye-hooks into dowling. Tie on tallit, or, if there isn't a tallit available, get a white or blue cloth, sew on fringe (like for curtains, not trying to sew a tallit), tie to eye hooks.

    Our ceremony will be unusual, and I'm not particular, thus a free-standing, fairly small and very simple chuppah for us.
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    We got ours through the florist.

    We were all set to DIY our own until we realized how much work/money it would take. Turns out my florist had a very affordable/pretty option so it made our decision very easy.
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    My synagogue already had one for us to borrow and decorate as we pleased.
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    We are getting ours through our florist as well.  He didn't have one, but the place he usually rents things from had a selection of about 10 that we got to choose from. 
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    I made mine based off this link:
    it cost $90 in materials and I had tons of extra fabric and ribbon to make a card box and an aisle runner.  It did take awhile, but I started 10 months before my wedding
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