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Ceremony time

What would be your suggestion for sunday ceremony and reception times in august? We have the facility from 7ammidnight. Music has to end at 11pm, and we are responsible ourselves for setup/cleanup.

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    Are many of your guests traveling from out of town?  Do you really want an evening wedding?  
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    It kind of matters if you prefer a lunch/brunch reception or a dinner reception.

    My SIL had a nice sunday brunch wedding.  I believe the Chuppah was around 11am.

    You could also do an evening wedding.  If it isn't a three day weekend then I'd probably opt for a 4 or 5pm chuppah time so that it doesn't go extremely late if people have to work the next day.
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    Well, if you're inviting people who have to go to work or school the following day, you probably don't want your wedding to run too late into the night, so in that instance I'd opt for an afternoon wedding.
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