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how to display ketubah at wedding?

I know this has probably been asked before, but what is the best way to show the ketubah at the reception?  I'm not having the ketubah company mount it because I'm not sure what kind of framing/mounting I'm going to want to do.

Is there an easy/inexpensive DIY to do this?

Thanks in advance :-)


Re: how to display ketubah at wedding?

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    You can buy an easel at any craft store and then I would just buy thick plastic to hold the ketubah in and have it sit in. (almost like a large folder)
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    Even if you have not decided on the framing/mounting now, can you decide before the wedding?  The easiest way to handle this is to have all the framing, other than putting the glass in, done before the wedding.  That way, there is no danger of anyone signing in a way that will end up being covered by the matting after framing.  Then you just add the glass after the wedding.
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    I bought a piece of foam board that was a tiny bit larger than our ketubah.  then i used 4 pices of masking tape to tape it to the foam board (one in each corner on the back side of the ketubah).  then i purchased a piece of clear plastic sheeting and attached it at the top with two pieces of clear scotch tape.  when your witnesses are ready to sign it, they just lift the clear plastic and they're  done signing you put the plastic back.  the ketubah was on display on an easel that our venue provided.  i purchased the foam board and clear plastic from an arts and crafts store.  we had our ketubah framed after the honey moon.
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    I want to frame/mount it really nicely but I didn't want to decide just yet, so I purchased an inexpensive frame and just used that for the reception. Now I'm going to take it out and get it professionally framed.

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    As a ketubah artist, I get asked this question all the time. There are several things you can do to display your ketubah while protecting it. The simplest is to have a piece of foamcore cut to the size of the ketubah and get a piece of thin acetate from a framer (or buy a roll in an art store if a framer won't sell you a small piece). Cut it large enough to go behind the board on the sides and bottom. Tape the acetate to the foam core in the back, leaving enough slack so that you can easily slide the ketubah in and out for the signing.

    When I mail my ketubahs out, I put them in a plastic bag a little bigger than the ketubah size and mail them in a tube. When the couple gets it, they can buy the foamcore, put it with the ketubah inside the plastic bag (it's high quality and clear) and display the ketubah in that. It's protected on all sides that way.

    If you want to go ahead and have it framed (and have enough time), a framer can put special thumb screws on the back of the picture frame that you can twist to release the frame for signing and then redo to display it.

    Good for you for taking care of the ketubah. I've heard some horror stories of ketubahs damaged by food or drink at the reception, so it's good to take precaustions.

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