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Have a good Pesach!

I probably won't make it on here tomorrow, since I'll be helping my mom get ready for Seder, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy Pesach! This will be an interesting one. The Seder should go smoothly, but Sunday will be FI's first family Easter since we started really working out the whole interfaith thing. He decided he definitely wanted to keep kosher for Passover with me, to really make it clear to his family that even though he isn't converting st this point, we are starting a Jewish household together. I'm foreseeing a lot of questions, and possibly some awkward moments with the extended family not getting why we can't eat what they've always eaten. But his parents are really getting into learning new recipes from me, and doing a wonderful job of welcoming the "new" traditions. Does anyone else have big/different plans for Passover this year?
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