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Bedeken/Veil Question

Hi all, this is my first post on the forums so we will see how this goes. My name is Lena and my wedding isn't until August but it's not where either my parents or I live so we are trying to get everything done early. 

Most of the wedding is pretty traditional but I have question about the bedeken. I don't think I will get a front veil as I really don't like things in my face. Is it still appropriate to have my fiance put the veil on me even if it just a back veil? Any thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Bedeken/Veil Question

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    ShoshieShoshie member
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    Welcome Lena!

    Typically the bedecken is done with the help of a second veil.

    II had a blusher (which was clipped in front with a comb I fastned into my headpiece). I wore it for the bedecken and cermony, and was able to remove it for the reception.

    Hope that helps.
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    I suspect this is one area in which any rabbi willing to let you forego the blusher veil for the ceremony is likely to be ok with having a bedeken with no veil in front of your face.  However, your safest approach is to discuss this with the rabbi ahead of time.
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