Jewish Weddings

Creating a New Tradition

What does every Jewish/interfaith wedding need to ensure that the wine glass will break?  Why a Mazel Tov Stone of course!  Mazel Tov Stone has come up with a way for brides and grooms to eliminate the anxiety over whether the wine glass with break easily, while giving them a way to take their first step as a couple on a piece of Israel.

There are many different reasons for breaking a glass at the conclusion of a Jewish or interfaith wedding ceremony.  A commonly held belief is that it serves as a reminder of the destruction of the ancient Temples in Jerusalem. Another is that even at a joyous occasion, there is a need to be reminded of the fragility of our lives.  Some even joke that it's the last time that the groom gets to put his foot down!  Whatever the reason, once the glass is broken, everyone cheers "Mazel Tov!"

Hopefully, the glass will actually break on the first try.  Most often, the glass is wrapped in a slippery satin sack and when you figure in a brand new pair of tuxedo shoes, it may take more than one attempt before it actually breaks (NOT a good omen!)

The Mazel Tov Stone enhances this age-old tradition by providing a rock solid foundation upon which the glass can effortlessly be broken.  Made of genuine Jerusalem Gold limestone directly from the same quarries that produced the stones used to build the ancient temples in Jerusalem, the Mazel Tov Stone symbolizes permanence and is custom engraved with the names of the bride & groom along with their wedding date, creating a useful, beautiful AND meaningful keepsake.

It is especially useful for an outdoor wedding held of grass or a sandy beach, yet equally useful and meaningful on interior surfaces.  The Mazel Tov Stone creates a new tradition for couples to start their marriage on a piece of the Holy Land, regardless of where their vows are actually taken, making it something every Jewish or interfaith couple needs to have.

Visit their website to see all of the shapes, designs and monogram options.  They're also happy to create custom designs to coordinate with a couple's invitations or ketubah (marriage contract) for example.

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