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Anniversary Gift

Hi Gals,
My first wedding anniversary is coming up in a little over a month. I'm still undecided as to what I should get my husband as an anniversary gift. His birthday is also two weeks before so I'm twice as stuck.
I still have the shards from the glass we broke at our wedding. I have considered doing something with it since it's just sitting around and I know H has forgotten about it. It was a regular clear glass cup. Most of the places that make something out of the shards seem to be only from glasses that they send you first to break. I could also make something myself, I'm almost done with a mosaic piece made from plates from our china set that arrived broken. 
any Ideas? 

Re: Anniversary Gift

  • I think some of the things that you can get for the broken glass are just a mezuzah/vase/frame/etc. that has a tube that you fill with the shards of glass.  It seems like that should work no matter what glass you broke at the wedding.  This is an example of what I'm talking about: http://www.amazon.com/Wedding-Mezuzah-Broken-Glass-Shards/dp/B004IU7T2U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335227124&sr=8-1

  • Something along those lines would be very nice. We already got at least 3 mezuzahs as wedding gifts and we dont have that many doors ;-) 
    Thanks for the idea, if anybody can find somehting similar I'll look around too! 
  • We also have an abundance of mezuzot given our apt's floor plan.  I've also seen frames with a little tube for the shards, and maybe even vases--look around on Amazon and Judaism.com, and I see you're in Boston, so if you can go check out the Israel Bookstore or the store that's across the street from them, forget what they're called.

  • I used my shards in a picture frame and framed our invitation.  Since your shards are clear, you could buy a colored mat and frame a picture, or an invitation.  I used a shadow box that I bought at Michael's to make sure the glass wasn't rubbing against the frame.  
  • Several of the girls on my month board planned on doing boudoir pics for their first anniversary since that is a paper anniversary.
    Anniversary image
  • Boston88- I really like that idea. Can you explain it more? Do you have a picture?

    MrsMLRP- Just not our kind of thing. I think framing an invitation is good enough for paper anniversary Wink
  • Sure I'll try to send you a picture in a private message (if I can figure out how) when I get home.
  • So what did you end up doing? I hgave my husband a baby for our first anniversary...lol...and a card.
    The Knot won't share my Bump Siggy, so here's the low-down: 4/27/07 - Got engaged! 8/31/08 - Got married (to my best friend)! 12/30/08 - Got Pregnant! 9/3/09 - Welcome to the world, Elias Solomon! 8/16/10 - Got Pregnant, again! 5/14/11 - Welcome to the world, Talia Hadassah! 1/14/12 - Ready or not, here comes #3 (EDD 9/27/12)
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