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DIY Chuppah? DIY Katubah?

I'm not about DIY projects last night, but I am a crafty bride, who used to study art. My fiance is also an Industrial Designer, and his grandparents have a woodshop in their house....

We're also pretty modern/liberal Jews, but want to include a fantastic unique chuppah and katubah. I was thinking of us making both of these ourselves. It will use our skills, be personal and save about $1,000. Has anyone else ever done this? Any advice on making a chuppah?

Any insights on where to find Katbuah text? We'll be painting on canvas most likely.

Re: DIY Chuppah? DIY Katubah?

  • Friend's father and grandfather (retired engineers) made their chuppah out of copper pipe. This thing is solid and very heavy.  They married in her grandparent's back yard.  This chuppah is now a decorative arch in the newlywed's garden garden with honey suckle growing up the sides in the warm months.   One of the biggest challenges was moving the chuppah from the grandparents' home to the couples' home.  

    If $ is a factor, PVC pipe glued together might be an alternative that is lighter.
  • My husband and a friend of ours made our chuppah poles.  They cut down small trees, peeled the bark, and waxed/smoothed the wood.  They are 8' tall and we just tied the fabric to eye hooks we screwed into one end of each pole.  We had our siblings hold the poles.  My aunt made our chuppah cover - it is basically a photo quilt (she does a fair amount of quilting).  

    If you wanted your chuppah to be freestanding, you could fill flower pots with cement and put a pole in each one.  I think a lighter material, like PVC pipe, might be better for that method.

    A friend that is a Judaica artist made our ketubah.  If you will be married by a rabbi, I would ask her/him about the text.  Some may not care, but others will have particular requirements.  Even if s/he doesn't care, s/he may have different options to discuss with you to help you pick language.  
  • Thanks for the tips! We're being married by my uncle, who is very funny, loves us both, and a "good jew". We dont belong to a synagogue, and wanted to be married by someone who knows and loves us. Asking a rabbi is a good idea. Thank you! We'll look into the pcv pipe. I think we may have 2 bridesmaids/groomsmen hold the poles, it seems like the easier route.
  • I made our chuppah (picture below, and larger version available by clicking on it).  Instructions are at this link, if you are interested.

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