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Hi - do any of you have a sample wedding day timeline for a reform wedding?  Thanks

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    my timelime may help. our ceremony is in my conservative synagogue, but we aren't doing the formal bedeken or tisch before the ketubah signing. we can't have a real rehearsal on the saturday before our wedding due to shabbat timing/ a large bat mitzvah reception, so our rehearsal is before the wedding.

    12:00-2:00 first look at hotel, pictures with bridal party around hotel
    2:00 bus to synagogue from hotel (reception venue)
    2:30 rehearsal at synagogue
    3:00-4:00 family pictures under chuppah
    4:00 break  to refresh, snacks for bridal party and family is served
    4:30 ketubah signing
    5:00 ceremony
    -busses for family/friends leave for hotel immediately following ceremony
    -bridal party bus leaves for hotel immeditately following yichud

    i think our cocktail "hour" ends at 7 or 7:15. i hope that helps!

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    11:15-1:00  bride/groom portraits
    1:00-2:00  family portraits
    2:30-2:45  ketubah signing and bedeken
    3:00  ceremony start
    3:30-4:15/4:30  more photos
    4:15-5:15  cocktail hour
    5:15-5:25  seating in ballroom
    5:25-5:45  hora and first dance

    toasts will be during the first course (we are having three, plus dessert); mother-son dance will occur at the end of the dinner to usher in official dancing portion of the night
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    Thank you, I'll look at these as a start.
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