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Are readings ever done at Jewish weddings?  I have personally only seen them done at non-jewish weddings, but I think a reading would be a great way to honor a good guy friend of mine who is not in the wedding party.  I just don't want our guests to side eye a reading at a jewish wedding.  Thoughts?

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Re: Readings

  • There is certainly nothing wrong with having a reading at a Jewish wedding.  I think they are less common at Jewish ceremonies because Jewish ceremonies tend to be longer than many other ceremonies (between the reading of the ketubah and the reciting of the Sheva Berakhot) that people are less likely to "pad" them with other things.

    Also, there are lots of ways to honor someone not in the wedding party in a Jewish ceremony.  For example, he could be a chuppah bearer, could be a witness to the ketubah (although depending on your rabbi, this may require him to be Jewish and unrelated to you), or could read one or more of the Sheva Berakhot.

    All that being said, there is nothing that would violate Jewish law in having a reading.
  • I would talk to your officiant about this.  I generally agree with 2dBride's analysis and suggestions.  You might find a poetic translation of the sheva berachot that would work really well. 

    Also, who is signing your marriage license (if you need witnesses for it)?  We needed two for ours, and it can be a good way to honor non-Jewish friends. 
  • We have some non-Jewish friends we are trying to honor, and our Rabbi was great with suggestions.  I would definitely speak to your officiate and see what he/she says.  We are honoring our non-Jewish friends by having them sign the NJ wedding license (as jessicabessica said) but we were also told you can ask them to be a "greeter" at the wedding, welcoming everyone and helping them find where to sit. 
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