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We're in the lucky situation where we know our rabbi for many years and he is giving us the ceremony gratis.  In addition to his hotel cost being covered by us, we would like to make a donation to his discretionary fund.  What would be appropriate in this situation?  We were thinking $200 or $300.  Thanks!

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    Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    Wow, that's more than generous!  But if you're really close to your rabbi, I don't see why not. 

    Ours charged a $500 flat rate even though it was my parents' synagogue and he's known my family for 18 years, so I didn't give him anything additional beyond an invitation to the reception, which he attended briefly.
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    MrsAdler2013MrsAdler2013 member
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    Ours doesn't require a particular amount, but his secretary suggested 300 when we asked what most people give
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    You could do it in a multiple of 18, the kabbalistic number of life.

    Also consider asking if he'd prefer a donation be made in his name. "You've been so kind! How can we honor you?" something like that.
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