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Hello all -

Our wedding in on 8/5 in South Florida.  We live in N.VA however are from MB/NMB.  It will be a "smallish" affair (as small as we can get away with).  It is a second marriage for us both; although we have known each other since childhood and were high school sweethearts.

For our Sheva Brachots we have decided on three locations...... (1)Dade - Broward County on 8/6 the day after our wedding in North Miami Beach,   (2) New Jersey - can be eitther Cherry Hill area or Princeton north to the city AND (3) Northern Virginia / MD .......NJ and N.VA will take place sometime between 8/10 - Labor Day weekend.

Does anyone have suggestions of Kosher restaurants that can take a SMALL group / has a small room....... it must be kosher which is why we can't have it at most of our families houses....... we have too many friends who follow Kashrut.

Suggestions are certainly welcome!
You will be saving us a ton of research!
Eva & Jonathan

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    I don't know MD geography very well, but in Potomac there is a kosher restaurant called Pomegranate, or Pom Bistro. My great-uncle and great-aunt call it Pomegranate, the website shows Pom Bistro. Very good, kosher meat restaurant.
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