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Another Quick Question: Chuppah

Hi Ladies!

I have another quick question...... I am 6 weeks out, so we're meeting with the Rabbi, band, florist, venue, etc. and all these small detail questions are coming up!

Before the Rabbi will start the ceremony, he inspects the chuppah. Does anyone know what exactly he's looking for?  More specifically, does anyone know if it will be an issue to have hanging votive candles inside the chuppah (hanging off the structure on the inside)?  Our florist has done this before and we love the idea, but I would hate for the rabbi to take issue with it and have our florist dismanteling the chuppah in front of our guests before we can start. I can check with him, but thought I would check here!

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Re: Another Quick Question: Chuppah

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    that's strange, I've never heard of it.  We got married in a conservative shul and this is our chuppah: Ours had crystals hanging from the front valence

    Also, if you search back to my post "post a picture of your chuppah" other women showed me what theirs looked like for inspiration.

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    You've never heard of hanging votives or never heard of a rabbi inspecting a chuppah?  I'm not sure he's so much inspecting the chuppah as he is making sure everything is in place (candles, wine, etc.)
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    I don't think it will be an issue, like you said, you should just ask him to be sure.
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    I would suggest asking the rabbi or someone at the temple if there are any restrictions. At our old shul, you could not use flash for pictures. At our new shul, the fire code is strict and I am still waiting for an answer whether we can use tulle to swag down the aisle. It can be seen as restricting people from leaving in the event of an emergency. Our chuppah is going to have white fabric draped over it and flowers in the corners. The chuppah itself (which we get to see tonight) is very plain and that works well for us.  I've seen some amazing elaborate ones; but when it comes down to it, I'd like to think me in my dress and my handsome groom is what people are staring at! LOL! The one thing I am doing is putting up these two pictures I have of old Jewish wedding (they're actually art). Sort of a reminder of tradition... 
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    Same here; there's no rule that says you can't have candles or other things under the chuppah, and I've never heard a rabbi giving his imput.  But if you know your rabbi will have issues, then you should find out ahead of time if having candles will be a problem.

    I knew exactly what I wanted and told my florist, who did everything; the rabbi had no say and if he had an issue, unless it's something he could point in law, it was going to happen regardless.  GL.
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    Thank you all for the feedback! I wasn't sure if there were rules about anything hanging from under the chuppah, which is where the votives will be.  I will double check with the venue and our Rabbi, just to make sure there are no surprises taht day.
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    Yeah, the normal rules for a chuppah are just that it should have a fabric top and no walls.  And even that is just tradition, not part of Jewish law.  I'm therefore wondering whether he is inspecting the chuppah for compliance with traditional requirements, or for some secular purpose (e.g., whether it is a fire hazard).  The only way to find out is to ask.
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    I'll be sure to report back when I find out what exactly he's looking for.  I have a feeling it might be more about making sure he has two cups, screw-top wine, candles, etc. But we'll see....  good to know there aren't any restrictions about hanging things inside the chuppah.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Another Quick Question: Chuppah</a>:
    [QUOTE]You've never heard of hanging votives or never heard of a rabbi inspecting a chuppah?  I'm not sure he's so much inspecting the chuppah as he is making sure everything is in place (candles, wine, etc.)
    Posted by caraellen23[/QUOTE]
    OH! Misplaced modifier. . . I've heard of hanging votives.  I've never heard of the Rabbi checking the chuppah before the wedding.  I just assumed the florist or whoever assembled it made sure everything was in place, and the wedding coordinator made sure the kiddush cups were on the table.  My day was such a blur I didn't pay attention to any of that!
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